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Chelmsley Wood Then and Now Mon, 19th August 2019

Chelmsley Wood Then and Now

Chelmsley Wood history

Chelmsley Wood is a relatively new area which was built on ancient wood land by Birmingham City Council in the 1960’s as an overspill for the city. Years later-in 1974 Chelmsley Wood, along with the adjoining neighbourhoods of Fordbridge and Smith’s Wood became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull with Birmingham still having control over the houses within the area. Then in September 1980 full control was transferred to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council.

Chelmsley Wood was born onto ancient woodland which is part of the Forest of Arden however the site of the original enclosure and Anglo-Saxon settlement of Chelmsley is unknown.

The name Chelmsley Wood derived from the existing ‘bluebell wood’ which is a name remembered by many locals. Today most locals refer to their area as Chelmsley Wood or just Chelmsley.

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Modern Chelmsley Wood

Chelmsley Wood comprises of a neighbourhood, civil parish and a large housing estate with a current population of 12,418. Being situated near Birmingham International Airport and the National Exhibition centre (NEC) it makes Chelmsley Wood an accessible location to those visiting the area. Similarly for the local residents, they are located within a 20 minute drive to Solihull’s town centre or a bus journey of 40 minutes.

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